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If your case does not meet the criteria for a chargeback, we’ll tell you up-front. And if there is a more appropriate or affordable solution available, we’ll tell you what it is beforehand.

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Visa,® Mastercard® and all other card companies provide consumers with the right to dispute charges. We will explain to you what they are and how to make use of them so that you have the best possible chance of getting your money back.

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Card companies impose strict deadlines for submitting chargeback requests. There is no way around them. We know how fast the clock is ticking, and we’ll make sure that you won’t miss the train.

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The merchant may very well object to your chargeback in a written response called a representment. That’s why it’s vital right from the start to proceed with the most appropriate chargeback strategy. We know how to design it so that it fits your case like a glove.

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Chargebacks can occur for a variety of reasons. Usually, it’s because a consumer wants to dispute a fraudulent transaction that was made.

There are four key categories associated with chargebacks:

  • Fraud – Purchases that have been made without the buyer’s knowledge or consent
  • Quality – Purchases that were paid for but haven’t been received
  • Clerical – Purchases that the buyer has been billed for more than once, purchases that have been billed incorrectly, or refunds that haven’t been issued
  • Technical – Purchases that the buyer doesn’t have enough funds to cover, or bank errors

These are the “right” reasons to request a chargeback, but what are the “wrong” reasons?

  • Buyer’s remorse
  • Desire to avoid a handling fee
  • Desire to avoid a cumbersome returns process
  • Failure to return item before expiration date
  • Forgetting about or failing to recognise the transaction

As you can see, customers may wish to void a purchase due to any number of factors, but that doesn’t mean that they’re allowed to do so. If a merchant feels that a customer has misrepresented the situation and requested a chargeback for the wrong reasons, they can dispute the claim and – if successful – return the funds to their account.

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The Wire Transfer Recall Process

Needless to say, not everyone who had fallen victim of any crypto scam pays with cryptocurrency. Some consumers actually don’t have them. Or if they do have them their limit has been reached. Or even if it hasn’t been reached, the amount they have to pay will exceed it.

In such cases, payment can be made through a bank wire transfer, which routes the money directly from your bank account into the merchant’s.

There is another reason for wire transfers that is not dependent on your payment needs, however. The merchant might require it. And one of the most common reasons a merchant may refuse to accept cards is if he has no intention of allowing you to ever get your money back, regardless of whether he provides you with the goods or services you contracted. This is because far fewer consumer protections exist for bank wire payments as compared with cards or debit cards.

The one major drawback for the consumer who chooses a bank wire over a card to affect payment is that there is no possibility of a chargeback. Therefore, even if you do have a card, you can apply its chargeback rights to any other form of payment. So in the case of bank wires, an entirely different procedure is required in order to recover your funds. There is no question that it is more complex and time consuming than a chargeback, to the extent that there is a commonly held mistaken belief that wire transfers can never be reversed.

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Customer Protection

More often than not, card-not-present dispute resolution tends to be a complex process.

If you pay with a debit card, you basically enjoy the same consumer protection rights. You can still ask to receive your money back if you never received the goods you ordered. Or if you received damaged or faulty goods. Or if you ordered services from a merchant who never supplied them.

Knowing how and when to utilize those protections, therefore, requires both a fluency with the relevant rules and regulations and a strategy for employing them. For the layman, that can be a very daunting task. That’s where we come in. Our team consists of subject-matter experts who are evaluated not only on their ability to master these guidelines, but also on their ability to successfully work with financial institutions across the globe to represent and recover money for cardholders. That’s right, the team that will handle your case has actually read and mastered every key paragraph in those thousand-page guidelines! It is important to consult with professionals before filing a chargeback request that involves a complex, card-not-present transaction.

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